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you're successful at what you do but you're not 100% satisfied. Don't get me wrong. You're not ungrateful but you're ready for something different.

There's something tugging at your heart.

There's an idea swirling in your mind.

There's a calling in your spirit.

BUT... when you think about actually making the jump, you freeze. Worry and doubt kick in. You think about the stability of staying or the ease of doing the same thing. You're not sure you can "JUST DO IT." The phrase makes for a historic tagline, but can it work for you?

My job as a career coach is to provide the space, guidance, and awareness needed to help you make conscious-based decisions that align with what you truly desire. From there, we co-create measurable action steps that keep you motivated and accountable. We work together to get you clear, ready, and excited to move forward.

If this sounds like what you need, keep scrolling for ways you can work with me.

If I had to guess,

Turn Your Ambition into Action

Ambition into Action

Ways to Work With Me

A Coaching Retainer includes consistent coaching sessions over a 3-4 month timeframe. During this time, you'll be able to:

• Clearly outline your career goals 
• Identify what's been holding you back
• Explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears 
• Learn how to make conscious-based vs. fear-based choices
• Gain confidence in yourself
• Partner with a certified professional coach whose only goal is to make sure you reach your goals

Coaching Retainer



Clarity Sessions are a great if you're stuck, unsure, or just need to talk through an idea.

During the session, you'll get the chance to talk out your idea or struggle, get super clear about your goals, determine your next steps, and experience the power of coaching and my services. 

These sessions are intense but insightful!

Clarity Sessions are single, 30-45 minute coaching calls that activate you into action. Each call is $275 and is billed immediately upon booking. 


Clarity Sessions


Have you ever wondered how you’re showing up to others? The Energy Leadership Assessment helps you to understand the type of energy you bring to all situations in your personal and professional life.

INCLUDES: the Energy Leadership Assessment, debrief, and implementation into your coaching program

Energy Leadership

One of the biggest benefits of working with me, is I have over 15 years of branding skills. With the Brand Strategy Add-on, you'll be able to answer questions about your products or services, target audience, process, and purpose with clarity and confidence.

INCLUDES: current brand assessment, customized personal or business branding assignments, the strategy to launch and move forward

Brand Strategy


Add-ons are purchased with a Coaching Retainer.


Ready for the details?

 Contact me today for a proposal that includes an outline of the coaching journey and the investment for the coaching packages and add ons.

Do You Have Questions About Coaching?

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Certifications & Memberships


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